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Transport documentation

In order to enable us to transport your goods, merchandise needs to be accompanied by two documents: one emitted by the transporter, and the other by the dispatcher.


Guide of transport: Legal document emitted by the transporter is to be filled in by transporter or dispatcher.

Note: According to Cap. III, art. 16º of DL 239/2003 the dispatcher answers for all the resultant expenditures and damages of the inaccuracy or insufficiency of indications contained in the guide of transport relative to merchandise and to the addressee, so all elements should be verified before signing.

»Dispatching company (collective or individual name)

Bill of landing, transport guide or invoice: Legal document emitted and filled in by the dispatcher, being the transporters co-responsible for correction in the fulfilling of the same:

This document must contain description and amount of merchandise, the name of dispatcher and address including respective tax payer numbers. One document per addressee must be emitted.

At the moment of loading of merchandise, initiation hour of transportation and number plate vehicle must be filled in.

This information must be handed to driver in an open envelope so that he can verify if information details are correct.

Envelope must not be sealed or inserted in container that contains the merchandise (in all situation), so that if there is a inspection by the authorities it is available to be shown together with transport guide, as it would be impossible to unload all merchandise to open containers as to find it.

»Private dispatcher

If dispatcher is private and the transporting merchandise is not for resale, a declaration needs to be sent in with shipping goods. Draft is available by our services.

How to provide your shipping to TDN

»Como efectuar um aviso de recolha?

Merchandise can be picked up at any point, as long as we are contacted at least two hours previous to intended pick up time. To contact us for such service, you can access us by phone or internet. Any information needed is available at www.tdn.pt.

»How to request a retraction by internet?

If request for retraction is asked for through internet, please provide us the following details so we can pick up merchandise at correct place.

  • »Clients name (Social designation);
  • »Phone number;
  • »Tax payer number (Vat number);
  • »Kind of road;
  • »Street;
  • »Number;
  • »Floor;
  • »Door;
  • »Zip Code;
  • »Area;
  • »District;
  • »Pick up date;
  • »Service wanted for merchandise delivery.