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Ground transportation

»Express service

Fast service in express trucks and light vehicles with more than one driver, with connections to the major European centers in order to deliver freights in less than 48 hours.
»Full loads

Daily service in our own vehicles to anywhere in Europe supported by a modern communications system that allows us full control of vehicles and prompt response to the information required by our customers.

Daily service, national and international groupage of various goods with the same destinations. Gathering in our warehouses, fast and effective deliveries to the final destinations.

Sea and Air Transport

In partnership with experts in this type of transport, we organize and manage daily service to any location in the world.


Integrated service including mailings, pick and pack, kitting, picking, labeling, serial number or lot control, traceability, storage and distribution.


Since we own warehouses, we are capable of assuring the proper conservation of our clients goods, responding for their safety and preservation during the time they're at our responsability.
Supported by modern technology, we control all of our clients goods despite their type: unit items, solid boxes, cardboard boxes, pallets, etc.
We provide fully independent and autonomous services to third parties in need of storage areas with all administrative and logistical conditions.


Delivery service with door to door picking.


Especially suited for heavy vehicles, we have workshops with services in the following areas:
Mechanical, electrical, panel beating and painting, joinery, carpentry service, tires and service station.

Travel agency - Tourism

We offer high quality services to companies in their business travels, providing constant support and focusing on the personalization of our services.
For detailed information, please refer to www.esmoriztur.pt