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Merchandise insurance

Regulation of road transport of merchandise, decree law number 239/2003, in its 20th article limits the responsibility of the transporter to the maximum value of 10,00€ per kilogram of gross weight as to compensate for merchandise lost or damaged.

Guided by the decree number 46235 and the protocol to the convention the decree number 28/88 Tdn - Transportes, S.A. negotiated with the insurance company Império a policy to cover damages or losses caused to merchandise which allows us to provide a higher compensation as to match real value by means of the collection of another percentage on the cost of respective transport.

Therefore and due to our capacity of purchase of a global insurance, we can provide our customers an undeniable advantage that beyond the reduced cost will improve the management of compensation process, reducing significantly the normal delays in transaction.

To gain from this advantage, when ordering transport, subscribe for additional insurance by contacting our commercial area, if you are a regular customer this may be automatic, should you ask for it.

We offer personalized and flexible services in accordance to customer's requirements in order to provide the best solutions.