Logo Grupo TDN

The commitment of the Group's Management is shown through the persistence in the development and implementation of the system of management of the quality and in its continuous improvement. Thus, the management defined and communicated to all the organization its politics of quality and its aims, as well as the necessity of all the organization to work with a purpose: the fulfilment of the requirements of the customer and the statutory and prescribed requirements.

Quality Politics

The Group consisting of the companies:

  • »TDN – Transportes, SA;
  • »Planotir – Operadores de Transportes, Lda;
  • »DDN – Distribuição David Neto, SA;

wants to be a company of reference in the Service of Transport of Merchandises and Storage. As such, its Administration assumes the commitment of continuous improvement of its system of quality as a way to correspond to the necessities of the customers and to reach its satisfaction.

To fulfill our commitment we establish as base for our strategy the following principles:

Ability of the collaborators
through continuous training;
Improvement in the processes
through its control and of the evaluation of its effectiveness;
Good work conditions
guaranteeing to the staff installations and adequate equipment and to care for the existence of good interpersonal relationship;
Preservation of the environment
through the acquisition of ecological vehicles, separation of the residues of the maintenance and recycling of paper, cardboard and palettes.

Apart from the information within the Quality Manual, the company also finds it appropriate to spread information internally on boards and drivers manuals so that staff always remembers them and have them in mind as to act in accordance.