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Before TDN

Mr. David Pereira Soares, founder of TDN, had worked for a long period of time at his grandparent's factory, in which he was responsible for the transport of the merchandise to reach its clients. Driving their small truck where the merchandise was transported. However, nothing is forever and his grandparents ended up closing their company and leaving their grandson workless.

Mr. David Soares as a conscientious and practical man, which he has always proven to be, decided to transform this adverse condition into an opportunity and create his own private business, as he already had the trust of previous clients within national transportation.

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Back then in 1954, roads were in bad condition, and transportation was hard, even though the transportation of sand, rocks, construction material and barrels, which was the local (Esmoriz) main product, were done and although in rough conditions for David Soares, this was a means of living.

The arising of TDN

Portugal started developing industrially so in 1967 David Soares along with his wife started a company called David Soares Neto & Cª, Lda (Neto which is a family surname) with a fleet of four trucks.

During the year of 1973, they invest in more trucks and the company gradually starts developing. In 1983, installations changed, going from national road 109 in Esmoriz where the area stared to become small due to a lot of truck movement among other difficulties to Rua da Estrada Nova also in Esmoriz. With now a greater area allowing the usage of all necessary storage space needed, and aiming for a better administrative organization.

Thus, TDN became installed in an area of 6.000 m² including a park for vehicles and a covered area with 1.200 m². It was then possible the integrated functioning of offices, privative workshops, service and parking of vehicles.

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In the year of 1984, their activity was expanded to international transportation. For such, it was necessary to obtain licenses, to have 220 tons of useful load, professional capacity (course available from ANTRAM - National Association of Road Public Transporters of Merchandises), the visa of the EEC and 250,000 € of capital stock.

On May of 1997 the company received the certification from APCER, according to NP EN ISSO 9002, whose certificate has the number 97/CEP.514.

On September 24, 1999, by deed in the Notary located in Ovar, the firm David Soares Neto & C ª, Inc., formerly a limited liability company, becomes a corporation (S.A.), which led to a new name: TDN - Transport David Neto, SA. Associated with this change is the increased share capital of € 997,596 to € 1,500,000.

In May 2003, the certification to the NP EN ISO 9001:2000 was performed by APCER.



Since 1967, with a fllet of four trucks in the transportation business.



Land with 6000 m² with 1200 m² of covered area, private offices, administrative offices and service station.